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Google Mobile Useabillity will effect your SE Ranking

Google has done it again! They will now promote or penalise you based upon the mobile "friendliness" of your website!

The following is a quote from the Google Support website:

"Google Search aims to deliver the most relevant—and useful—information to people seeking answers. For that reason, we want to ensure a meaningful “after-click” experience that helps people use information relevant to their task.

Because global web traffic from mobile devices is on the rise, and recent studies show that mobile visitors are more likely to revisit mobile-friendly sites, mobile usability is now relevant for optimal search results. This means that search results for mobile users should lead to content that is usable in the following ways:

  • A defined viewing area (or viewport) that adjusts to the device’s screen size.
  • Content that flows in the viewport, so that users don’t have to scroll horizontally or pinch the screen in order to see the entire page.
  • Fonts that scale for easier reading on small screens.
  • Easy-to-touch elements (e.g., buttons) that are well-spaced from other touch elements.
  • Visual design and motion driven by mobile-friendly technology."

There are a number of analysis tools provided to Google Webmasters aimed at 'fine tuning' websites to comply with MSEO (Mobile Search Engine Optimisation).

Web Design Domain designs are scoring well with MSEO, although there are some minor improvements being made to some older designs to bring them up to speed.

The Google Mobile useability algorithms are, typically, evolving as google crawlers have only been showing webmaster data from Dec-2014.  From the testing we have done  Google is giving a 'not mobile friendly' score for a website with a single 'non complient page.!! 

As we gather more data on crawler mobile errors, I will be informing clients on site specific issues and developing an on-going srtategy to ensure that we can maintain a good MSEO ranking for our clients.

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