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microdata web design domainSome time ago search giants, Google, Bing and Yahoo, collaborated to support the use of microdata tagging to generate more relevant and more detailed search results.

Microdata offers another opportunity to improve on search engine optimisation (SEO) by making a few changes to your websites.
The specific advantages are:

  • Firstly, microdata can give the search-engine spiders more context for the type of information on a website and the way the site should be indexed and ranked.
  • Secondly, microdata allows for the creation of "rich snippets," which display more information on the search result pages than traditional listings.

What is microdata?

A 'wiki' definition reads like this:

"Microdata is a WHATWG HTML specification used to nest metadata within existing content on web pages.   Search engines, web crawlers, and browsers can extract and process Microdata from a web page and use it to provide a richer browsing experience for users. Search engines benefit greatly from direct access to this structured data because it allows search engines to understand the information on web pages and provide more relevant results to users.  Microdata uses a supporting vocabulary to describe an item and name-value pairs to assign values to its properties."

There is no need to get caught up in the technical definitions and implementation of microdata. Over the next few months Web Design Domain - web services will be upgrading the client website editor component and including a microdata tool button. This tool will allow clients to easily add microdata tags, from 'schema.org', so that web crawers can pick up richer content from your site and improve SEO ranking.

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