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Improving your Ranking on Google Maps

As I have stated in last months newsletter, Google has been making lots of changes, and Google Maps are no exception!  They are paying less attention to what you tell them about your business and more attention to what others are saying.

So how can your Google Local Business Listing rank higher on Google Maps?  The following summary is based on an article by Alternate Image.

  • Verify your listing and make sure that your information is correct and is NOT DUPLICATED on other listings.
  • Increase your citations and inbound links from major data providers. Google will rate you favourable if you are associated with authoritative sources.
  • Add user reviews. User reviews are now a necessity. Add a link on your website to your Google+ listing.  This will make it easy for your customers to write a review. DO NOT write a fake review. A higher volume of good reviews will help you rank higher on Google Maps.
  • Add proper category associations. Make sure that you have used all 5 of the categories that Google offers. These categories are ranked so ensure that the categories you choose are relevent.  Starting at the most relevant to your business.
  • Put your full business address on contact page. Make sure your contact page information is up to date and correct.
  • Increase your quality of inbound links. Having reciprocal links from/to other high ranking websites will increase Google's "trust" in your listing.
  • Have location keywords in anchor text for inbound links. Make sure that all those high quality inbound links include actual keywords that are location specific. Instead of it saying "click here" to visit website, have it say "Visit Mossgrove Bed & Breakfast".
  • Include keywords in your listing description. Your Google Maps description has to be short (they impose a character limit) but needs to include your keywords. Instead of writing "We are close to the national parkl..." say something like "Mossgrove Bed & Breakfast is close to World Heritage National Parks....".

...end of summary.

 Some of you may now be asking 'how do I edit my Google+ listing'..........................

All you have to do is go to Google Business, sign in and edit your listing.

The following links will also help with reviews and sharing your listing.

If you would like more information on the subject please contact Web Design Domain - web services.


Thanks for your continued support

John Eastment

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